Vaporizer Health Benefits

Vaporization is the most efficient way to consume herbal substance by inhalation. This is done specifically by using digitally calibrated low and applicable temperatures to benefit from the active ingredients of the substance.

Vaporization eliminates carbon monoxide, tar, and other harmful by products of combustion. One can get a more concentrated effect by inhaling vapor from medicinal plants. Vaporization is much safer than smoking which exposes people to carcinogenic substances.

Vapor is also cooler than smoke. This avoids damage to the throat and lungs which may occur with smoking.  Vaporization is done using the right lower temperature which doesn’t burn the plants. Essential elements are then converted to a lighter than air form which can then be inhaled and effectively transported to the air sacs of the lungs. The plants or herbs may darken in color as vaporization occurs. At the end of the process clean and dry substance will be left in the vaporizer.

It can also be compared to ingestion which is also another method of delivery. Ingestion entails swallowing of pills, drinking of tea, or simply chewing the plant itself.  These methods sacrifice the grade of the active ingredients in the plants since it has to pass through gastric channels which exposes it to contamination or subjects it to forces which will lessen its dosage or efficacy.

Vaporizers on the other hand have the following advantages:

  • The active ingredients are not degraded since it doesn’t pass thru the mouth and the digestive tract which subjects it to different enzymes and acids
  • The active ingredient acts quickly as it passes thru the blood stream via the lungs
  • The substance is consumed in its purest form without fillers like medicines or supplements in the form of pills
  • Contaminated needles are also avoided
  • Accuracy and time of effect are easily established giving way to more effective dosing per individual

Some herbs are consumed using vaporizers.  We have a list below of the most common herbal blends using Eucalyptus, chamomile, lavender, and sage:

  • For Relaxation – 3 parts chamomile. 1 part wild lettuce, 1 part valerian, and 1 part lavender
  • For Asthma – 6 parts lavender. 2 parts hyssop, and 2 parts spearmint
  • For Headache – 6 parts lavender, 4 parts marjoram. 2 parts peppermint
  • For Energy – 1 part eucalyptus, a part mint, a part ephedra, 1 part ground guarana
  • For Cough – 3 parts lavender, 2 parts thyme, 2 parts eucalyptus
  • For Vitality – 8 parts peppermint, 7 parts rosemary, 5 parts orange, 3 parts grapefruit, and 3 parts lemon grass

The technology of vaporization has been developed for the past thirty years. Research is continuous to further improve the delivery of herbs and other plant substances.  Scientists are discovering ways to make the most out of the available plant medicines to us. The vaporizer industry has future with great promise to help people through affordable and effective medicine delivery.