Storz & Bickel Volcano Vaporizers Review

Volcano vaporizer, the original known as the Classic, is one of two Volcano vapes made by Storz & Bickel of Germany. In this Volcano vaporizer review, I’m going to be covering both of these reputable desktop plugins so don’t worry if you’re interested in one more so than the other. What these two units are most well known for is their ability to quickly fill balloons (also called bags) with vapor that is easily released with one of two different valve systems, which I’ll get into next.


Volcano Valve Types:

Differences between the two valves are as such: the “Solid” valves can be cleaned and used over and over again, are more durable, and can be used with bags of custom lengths. The Easy valves come attached to their balloons and are more convenient for those with extra money to drop on them, as they’re more expensive. If you’re got the money and you’re lazy, go with an Easy Valve. Then again, I’m pretty lazy and can easily afford the Easy Valves but I prefer the Solid Valve. Doesn’t really matter which type you use, they both work.


They Can Vaporize Liquids!

That’s right, it might seem like crazy talk but they can actually vaporize liquid blends so if you got some aromatherapy oils that you want to release, you can actually pull it off with a Volcano. So how do you vape liquids with a Volcano vaporizer? Simple, you use a Volcano liquid pad just like you would with the Plenty vaporizer (also by Storz & Bickel). You just place the pad down and drip a drop or two onto the pad and that’s about it. Pretty easy and straight forward if you ask me.


Volcano Classic VS Digital

Volcano Vaporizer

Volcanoes (this word is probably not applicable as a reference to the vapes being discussed herein, but whatever) really have one key difference and that’s the temperature control setup offered. For the Classic, it’s as easy as turning a dial, however, you can’t see the temperature on a nifty display like you can with the Digit. The Digit is probably called what it is because of the fact that it offers a digital temperature control system complete with a large display showing the current and set temperatures. Large buttons on the side of the display make it easy to adjust the temperature up and down. While both use the same convection heating element, heat up in roughly 3 minutes, and fill bags with vapor, there is a big difference in price between the two. That price difference and the digital temperature controls are about all that set these two beasts apart from one another. Either way, you’re looking at a top of the line vaporization system that uses convection to vaporize your blend (either liquid or dry) at temperatures as high as 466 degrees Fahrenheit. Seeing as Storz & Bickel is a reputable company, finding replacement parts and even exercising the rights which accompany your warranty are relatively easy. If you’re in the United States, they even have a location in California with some very helpful employees waiting to resolve any issues you might have. Personally, I’ve only had one minor concern which was quickly and easily resolved by calling them to request a replacement part which was sent and received within a matter of days, not weeks.


Buying Volcano Vaporizers:

So if you want to buy one of these bag vaporizers, you’re going to have to drop some Benjamins, but as a customer myself, I can 100% vouch for the quality of both of the Volcano vapes. If you’re interested in buying one, I suggest you buy from us!



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