Smoking Compared to Vaporizing

Combustion is the most common known method to consume tobacco. During combustion the substance is burned releasing the active ingredients.  Vaporizing has a similar effect as smoking but the substance is not burned.

Burning of plant materials causes the release of unwanted by-products like carbon monoxide ,dioxide, tar, ash, and other substances which are harmful to the human body. The unwanted substances have been found to cause cancer in most cases. Smoking is like breathing hot air which is unhealthy to our lungs and throat.  You may be inhaling medicine but the method using high temperature may be causing more damage. Second hand smoking is also another factor to look at since the harmful smoke has a chance of causing cancer to other person in the room.

According to studies, twenty five to fifty per cent of the substance is destroyed during combustion. It also decreases the efficacy of the active ingredients the plants may have.  It is evident that smoking is an unhealthy method which may further cause damage to the body. Smoking also wastes resources by burning the plant material and in the process loses vital active ingredients.

Vaporizing on the other hand heats the plant material up to a certain degree where combustion doesn’t occur. This is achieved with digital accuracy and the effect is the release of a warm vapor with all the active ingredients. Studies support that none of the active ingredients are lost during vaporization since fire or flame is not used to obtain the active ingredients. The process results to more of the beneficial natural substance and not just smoke.

Carcinogenic materials are also eliminated in the process since the vapor contains a very insignificant amount of tar. The vapor is also a lot cooler than smoke. This proves to be healthier than smoke which subjects the throat and lungs to irritation.

The vapor produced is slightly visible when exhaled and the vapor is almost odorless compared to smoke. The natural taste of the substance, for example of tobacco, is therefore noticeably retained.

Vaporizing produces more stimulation compared to smoking. Moreover, the unhealthy by products of smoking are eliminated with vaporizing.  A number of studies have shown that delivery of the active ingredient is more efficient in vaporizing. Aside from the elimination of the undesired compounds, vaporizing delivers the active ingredient to the blood stream faster. The alleviating effect of the substance is fast and control of the dosage is very precise given the technology used in today’s vaporizers. You get more with vaporizing for using less, and people now consider vaporizing as the way to go, you should too.

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