Karma Classic DaVinci Portable Vaporizer Review

DaVinci vaporizer is portable (no cords and fits in your pocket), has an internal storage compartment, a cleaning tool inside of it that pulls right out, a mouthpiece that you can detach (it unscrews), and the ability to vaporize not only dry-blends but also liquids using one of the provided oil canisters. One of the coolest aspects of this portable is its ability to vape while charging. With a battery life that isn’t all that great, the ability to charge and operate simultaneously is definitely a must. All the same, it’s also a nice bonus. I’m a heavy vaporizer so I don’t necessarily care for portables that have a less than long battery life like this one, however, overall, it’s a good vape. It works and it’s reliable, but it doesn’t taste that great. The taste is nowhere near as bad as the Palm vaporizer that I reviewed but it’s still not quite as good as the Solo or Pax. One of my friends who used my DaVinci actually liked it enough to proclaim it his favorite portable. I guess the reality is that not everyone is as sensitive to the taste as me and the DaVinci just tastes rubbery to me. For others, like my friend, it’s a fantastic little personal vaporizer that’s great for carrying around with you throughout the day. If you don’t think that the taste of a rubber mouthpiece in your mouth is going to bother you, feel free to buy this portable vaporizer online from us.

More Info On DaVinci Vapes:

When I’m holding this unit in my hand, it feels solid. I wouldn’t say heavy, but it does have a bit of weight to it. The weight is definitely not an issue, it’s just enough for me to feel like it’s a solid device. The display screen shows the temperature and the controls below it allow you to adjust the temperature. To turn it on, you slide the power switch into the on position. This switch is located on the right side of the device when you’re looking at the screen on the front. When you hit it, the screen will light up blue and you’ll be able to see the temperature. Next you hit the power button below the temperature controls and the heating element will begin to heat up to the desired temperature that you set on the screen using the adjustment arrows. It’s really easy to use and it heats up rather quick so you don’t feel like you’re waiting around forever to take some draws. It seems to vaporize in a very efficient manner, as the appearance of the vaporized blend seems to indicate.

Buying DaVinci Vaporizer:

For those who are interested in buying DaVinci even after having read this portable vaporizers review, then feel free to buy it from us!



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