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Smoking Compared to Vaporizing

Combustion is the most common known method to consume tobacco. During combustion the substance is burned releasing the active ingredients.  Vaporizing has a similar effect as smoking but the substance is not burned. Burning of plant materials causes the release of unwanted by-products like carbon monoxide ,dioxide, tar, ash, and other substances which are harmful …

What is Vaporization?

Decades of studies have led us to where we are right now. Almost everything can be done on the World Wide Web. Technologies have give way for us to communicate more effectively from distances which seemed impossible before. We have been exploring different ways to cure different diseases in all employable means. We are only …

Why Vaporize?

Smoking is the most common way man inhales plant materials. It is the easiest way for man to extract the main ingredients. With this process, materials are heated at very high temperatures exceeding 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.  When smoking, the material is burned, converted to smoke, and this enables us to inhale the essence and flavor …

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